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I managed to get my idle temps from 60*C idle to 19*C idle

Level 7
I messed around with some settings to get my idle temps to 19*C so I'm very happy now as before it was 60*C idle on 1501 bios. I've attached my other thread showing my posts with updates how I managed to get my temps down and its huge difference. I hope this helps others who are using the same hardware as myself.


Ravwyn wrote:
Hmhm, you can tell your amazing stories elsewhere - 19 C° on your CPU on air is not possible - except your ambient temp is around -5 C° or something. Period ;D
What the hell are you talking about? I'm on liquid cooling using aio corsair h100i v2 not air. So 20-30c idle is right with ambient temperature at 17-20c from thermostat

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