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I can't get my ram to 3600 & that's what's it should be

Level 9

Level 9

More info would be nice, what settings have you tried? what bios are you running?

when you say "what's it should be", do you mean its not stable or does it not post?

You can try to increase the VDIMM and SOC voltages a little bit

Level 9
I have Bios 3102 the most stable I can get is 3200mhz for the ram and 45 for the cpu

the SOC voltage is 1.1

the ram should be 3600mhz

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VSOC up to 1.18v. IOD VDDG around 1 to 1.05 and CCD around 0.98 to 1.05.

You can also try increasing VDIMM to 1.38-1.1.4v
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I had that exact kit and found it was selective on BIOS versions... Worked fine until I updated to the recent BIOS builds. The last 2 wouldn't post at all with 3600 for me. I could only post at default JEDEC DDR4 speeds. I ended up selling it to a Ryzen user and switching to Samsung B Die.

That kit is better served with Ryzen. Asus didn't really do much testing, if any, with that particular Hynix kit on intel platforms.

i had ram showing 3466mhz and when i started my PC it showed around 2000mhz frequency. I was able to get it to what the package said by going into bios and changing a setting so it uses DOCP configuration/profle. This sets up the RAM to work at its full potential.