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How to uninstall AI Suite 3 after replacing B450M-K motherboard with other company's board

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I had a bad experience with Asus. I had Prime B450M-K motherboard which was replaced last year.

This year it was sent for replacement and was rejected 4 times back-2-back and I was without motherboard for more than 40 days. Support staff is not responsive.

I lost patience and ordered a new motherboard from another company and my Pc is up and running. 

I had installed AI Suite 3 which installs a bunch of applications along with EZ Update, fan speed, etc.

I had installed it on Windows 10 which was then upgraded to Windows 11 (64 bit).

Upon restarting PC, I get 2 error messages

Title: Ai suite 3

Desc: The remote procedure call failed

Title: Dipawaymode

Desc: The remote procedure call failed

(Somehow I am not able to upload screenshots)

I can't uninstall AI Suite 3. It gives the error:

The model does not support this application.

EZ Update does not appear in Add Remove Programs nor in Task Manager nor in Services. 

I tried to get installer, but for Windows 11, There is no uninstaller available. 

If I try to reinstall AI Suite 3, it gives same error which it gives while uninstalling

The model does no support this application.

I still have 710 2 GB Graphic card installed. 

Please can someone help me uninstall the app completely. 

I am hesitant to do R & D as it may results in instable system and I may have to format and reinstall windows 11 which I do not want to.

Link to Asus Support for Prime B450M-K motherboard