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How to get your R9 3900x to boost on C7H

Level 7
I got one of the very early 3900x directly via amd. Since July I am, like others, working out Ryzen2.

Ryzen 9 3900x /noctua nh-d15se
Asus C7H
4x8192 DDR4 3600 Trident Z RGB
Gigabyte 2080Ti Gaming OC
Corsair HX 850i

Whenever I updated the BIOS, besides 1002, the 3900x does not seem to boost properly, idle voltages were high etc.

With the 1003abb release I managed to get

Boost up to 4625 Mhz in 3 Cores / Boost of 4500+ in 6 Cores (not at the same time) with silenced fan settings.
Idle VCore with 0.200 displayed in hwmonitor

How did I do that? You have to set every entry manually. 🙂 Sounds weird? I went through the BIOS and did not use XMP, I configured everything manually. You have to set everything on auto or configure it yourself but do not rely on any comfort function.

See screenshot attached.