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How to fix Q-code 46 and other memory errors?

Level 7

I'm new here. I just built my very first computer ever using the Crosshair VI Hero as the motherboard but I can't get it to boot to BIOS as I'm getting those darned memory errors. First with four memory sticks inserted (Kingston HyperX Fury 4*8GB 2666mhz, on the memory QVL) I got Q-Code 13 and the memory light was lit. I asked my friend who knows something about building computers to try with two sticks on slots 2&4 (1&3 and 2&4 are pairs on this mobo right?). I still got the Q-Code 13. Then I tried just one stick on the slot 2 and then one the slot 1 (the furtherest from the CPU) and the error code changed to 46 (however still referring to memory issues). Then I tried flushing the BIOS with the latest version that can be found on the Asus Support website, 1002. The flushing was succesful but still I get the same Q-Code 46 with one memory stick on the furtherest slot from the CPU.

What should I do? How can I tell the mobo isn't DOA and I should just RMA it? I don't have other memory sticks available to test the mobo with nor other mobos to actually verify that the memory sticks work. The monitor never seems to get any signal during POST.

Should I try flushing it with other non-official bios version such as 0082/0083 with 1T/2T DRAM Modes?

Thanks for help!