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How Loud is the Chipset Fan on the ROG Strix B550-I Gaming Motherboard?

Level 10
How loud is the chipset fan (or whatever it's called) on the ROG Strix B550-I Gaming motherboard? Yesterday, I built my SFF system with a brand new X570-I and the chipset fan was ridiculously loud. It ran constantly at a bit over 6,000 RPM and sounded like a handheld vacuum cleaner at arm's distance. I disassembled the thing and am returning the motherboard. I was considering the B550-I Gaming as a replacement, but I don't know how that board's chipset fan sounds. My current Crosshair VIII X570 has a chipset fan, but it runs at about 2,300 RPM and is inaudible.

I wish someone from Asus would occasionally read these comments. I can't believe they would make a motherboard with a non-controllable fan that's so loud. I'm seriously considering Gigabyte as an alternative.

Level 10
I actually had the Gigabyte X570-I in my cart at Amazon and as my fingers were moving to the buy button, I said "wait a minute -- this is a small case. I'd better check that it fits." Well, it was a good thing I did. My Noctua NH-C14S heatsink is listed as incompatible with Gigabyte's new board. So, I sat and waited. Finally, I decided to buy Asus' B550-I Gaming. I'm happy to report that the chipset fan on this motherboard is NOT loud. Normally, it spins quietly. Occasionally, I'll hear it spin up for some activities. Plus, the B550-I has BIOS Flashback (I can't even wrap my head around Asus not including that on the X570-I) and a front panel USB-C header (which my case currently doesn't support).

Anyway, the B550-I Gaming is a good replacement for the X570-I