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Hey ASUS STAFF and Software Team......

Level 7
do you think we could get a updated AGESA FROM YOU GUYS at some point for your flagship ROG boards, the ROG Crosshair VII WiFi etc still does not have a stable update, when you have released this stable for other cheaper x470 boards like the Prime...

I've never owned ASUS, always wanted a ROG board but always very expensive, but I've always wanted a flagship board from ASUS (what a mistake)...

After years of having MSI and Gigabyte and getting sick of the terrible support and updates.
Always heard of the amazing support and continued updates on ASUS, after finally getting a great board the ROG CH7, I was so happy...... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED in the last 12 months at ASUS, there is no staff ever in forums, the support well nonexistent, and updates? what updates, all other main board manufactures, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI etc have all released AGESA and several fixes after said update fixing issues and doing what the community asking for on all their boards new and old cheap and flagship.... what the hell happened here...
Look at every other board manufacturer plenty of bios updates and fixes

This will be the first and only product I ever purchase from ASUS, I'm so disappointed
And its clear from the responses here on the official forums and other forums that ASUS what was once great is dead, and without the community and the great support and updates from staff and software team, no one will come back. I know I never will... I will be buying the flagship gigabyte board soon.... and as someone who is brand loyal and usually sicks with same guys for years as I have before for many many years, I wont be ever buying ASUS again, terrible support staff and responses, absolutely no communication with their community... really bad

Oh well you live and learn

Rockford wrote:
I can understand the frustration, many time Asus is releasing software updates far from perfect
but on the other hand many inexperienced users spend so much time updating software all the time (even tho they don't need) and that will eventually lead to issues for the user

In my opionion the C7H is an enthusiast mainboard for people who should know what they do and who wan't to try beta software.

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Yes, but many also buy it for the bling or aesthetic
But what many buyers maybe dont know about the top tier "overclocking motherboards" such as the CH7
is that post/boot times is much longer before reaching windows compared to lets say Prime or TUF, and CH7 is also more difficult to overclock than more basic motherboards i mentioned above (for a inexperienced user), it all boils down to knowledge and experience, not so much the amount of power phases and bios tabs (how far a normal user can push it with ambient cooling)
They do indeed target users who are into overclocking and tinkering, and users that just want a awesome looking system
I personally like the more basic motherboards to play with, simply because they swallows everything i throw at them
The reason why it takes longer time to reach windows with a CH7 compared to a prime motherboard, is that's its more stuff in bios and on the PCB that needs to go through the bios post process before entering windows (90% of settings and features normal users never will touch)
Overclocking performance: CH7 is pretty much identical to a lower tier Asus counterpart under normal ambient conditions...

Level 10
I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi and the next time I build my first choice will be Gigabyte!
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master, AMD 3900X, EVGA 360 aio, 32gb G.Skill Trident Z Neo, Samsung 970 Pro NVME 512gb, WD Black NVME 1 TB, Crucial MX500 2tb, Zotac GTX 1080 AMP!, EVGA Nu Audio, CM HAF 932

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yes, no need to be brand loyal (its only stupid if you ask me) :rolleyes:

Level 7
Will probably be buying MSI next time.

Really bad support, no communication, buggy bios, slow boot times into Win10 (known bug with 3900x that still hasn't been addressed, guessing it's related to PCI-E 4, probably needs microcode from AMD)

I've owned the Crosshair V Formula, 270H Strix, Maximus VI Hero Z87, and a few non-ROG boards going back to 2009- I'll be getting MSI next round

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