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Hey ASUS STAFF and Software Team......

Level 7
do you think we could get a updated AGESA FROM YOU GUYS at some point for your flagship ROG boards, the ROG Crosshair VII WiFi etc still does not have a stable update, when you have released this stable for other cheaper x470 boards like the Prime...

I've never owned ASUS, always wanted a ROG board but always very expensive, but I've always wanted a flagship board from ASUS (what a mistake)...

After years of having MSI and Gigabyte and getting sick of the terrible support and updates.
Always heard of the amazing support and continued updates on ASUS, after finally getting a great board the ROG CH7, I was so happy...... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED in the last 12 months at ASUS, there is no staff ever in forums, the support well nonexistent, and updates? what updates, all other main board manufactures, Gigabyte, Asrock, MSI etc have all released AGESA and several fixes after said update fixing issues and doing what the community asking for on all their boards new and old cheap and flagship.... what the hell happened here...
Look at every other board manufacturer plenty of bios updates and fixes

This will be the first and only product I ever purchase from ASUS, I'm so disappointed
And its clear from the responses here on the official forums and other forums that ASUS what was once great is dead, and without the community and the great support and updates from staff and software team, no one will come back. I know I never will... I will be buying the flagship gigabyte board soon.... and as someone who is brand loyal and usually sicks with same guys for years as I have before for many many years, I wont be ever buying ASUS again, terrible support staff and responses, absolutely no communication with their community... really bad

Oh well you live and learn

Thank you for explaining it to me. what is ur bios settings for CH7? do u enable global c-state , cppc & cppc preferred cores? AI overclock tuner u leave it at default or u use manual? for now im using default. others u leave on auto or u change it? bcos now im using beta bios only 3 or 4 of my cores boost to 4.4.

Level 12
I have PBO advanced activated with 0 on ppt/tdc/EDC and +100MHz override. - 0.1V offset Vcore. It's not absolute max performance, but very energy efficient. 7330p in CB20. Running 3D Mark it's a straight line at 4.5GHz.
R9 7950X - ASUS X670E Crosshair Extreme (bios 0803) - 32GB HyperX Fury Beast @6200c32 - Corsair H150i Pro - ASUS RTX3080 TUF OC V2 - Phanteks P400A - Corsair RM850 - WD SN850

so u enable PBO using bios or Ryzen Master? PBO is working now? cos last 2 bios PBO is broken. ur performance enhancer u leave on auto or u change to level 2?

Level 12
I set everything in bios, PBO is broken that's why I set all values to 0 so it defaults to motherboard limits. Ooh, and scalar is 10x. And PE is level 3.
R9 7950X - ASUS X670E Crosshair Extreme (bios 0803) - 32GB HyperX Fury Beast @6200c32 - Corsair H150i Pro - ASUS RTX3080 TUF OC V2 - Phanteks P400A - Corsair RM850 - WD SN850

ok i will try tinkering around my bios today. right now u use beta bios or 2901?

ASUS get replaced with other vendor for AM5. im not happy with communication, low max temp limit (75c), generally instability of system but EOL with next GEN release kills the brand ROG final irrevocable.

Yes! this is my last asus board. i will switch to another brand. they are better and more consistent with their product. i really dissapointed with asus. already using asus product for almost near to 10 years, never buy another brand bcos i trust asus, now everything has changed. thank you...

clear to see from replies everyone feels let down, ASUS what on earth are you doing