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HELP B550f wifi and 3060 not booting everytime and audio issues

Level 7

I have had a build with ryzen 5 3600x and a 1660super pair with the B550 f gaming wifi for the last 3 years worked perfectly i upgraded yesterday to the 3060 and uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them but sometime when i reboot i have no display and sometimes get audio issues where it crackles on HDMI and Display port 



Hi yeah i have updated bios and all drivers and chipset i have found that it will work fine on Gen 3 but when i change it to Gen 4 is when i get the issues


 All is good with Gen 3. 

Try the PCI-e Gen 4 setting, then check the M.2_1 slot is also set to Gen 4, reboot and see how it goes.

If that doesn't help, what happens if you try the Auto setting?


when i have them both set on auto i get problems and if GPU is on gen 4 i get issues when GPU is on Gen 3 and everything else on Auto it works fine

I should have caught this, the GTX 1660 super is a pcie 3.0 gpu and should be set to GEN 3.

Knowing this, I don't see any problem here.

the 1660 super is what i had before i am having the issues with my new GPU the 3060 

i think i have found y the 3060 wont run at Gen 4 i found theis Comment on a forum

PCIE is fully backwards compatible and simply runs at the highest version supported by all components, so if you have a PCIE 4 card, a PCIE 4 board, but a PCIE 3 cpu, you will run at PCIE 3.

my M.2 is Gen 3

so it will only run at gen 3

Ahh, so it's your M.2 ssd that is causing the issue with Gen 4, good job finding it.

For gaming, there shouldn't be much if any performance loss with using your RTX 3060 at Gen3, you could keep everything and use your pc as is.

If you want to upgrade your M.2 ssd to Gen 4, I'd recommend the Seagate Firecuda 530, all models have an outstanding endurance rating. You could then move your current drive to the M.2_2 slot which is pcie 3.0.

FireCuda 530 Solid State Drive | Seagate US

If you decide on this, don't overpay, I see the 1TB on Amazon for $109.00.



















Hi Nate cheers for the recommendation will have a look. Does that sound right that the gpu won't run properly at gen 4 because the m.2 is gen 3