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FYI: ASUS has removed BIOS v1401 for STRIX B550-F

Level 8
Something must be seriously wrong with it and I suspect they removed it for other boards as well.

Level 8
not removed on STRIX B550-E stil 1401

Level 8
Interesting. I wonder if they removed by mistake then.

Hey, I also have 1401 installed, and my L3 cache speed on 5600X is extremely slow !


Why I can't find any info regarding removal of this bios anywhere?

I would also address an issue with the fans control !!!!!!

The step up and step down doesn't work AT ALL.
The motherboard would just ignore the setting regarding the fan step up and step down adjustments.

The fan would just ramp up and slow down instantly, without taking in consideration the time set to spin up.

The same fans worked flawlessly on the B450 Strix board, and the issues I am having started right after board upgrade to B550 Strix.

Level 8
New beta BIOS is up. Version 1601.

Terepin wrote:
New beta BIOS is up. Version 1601.

Thanks CAP, but what does it really do?

Does it fix the fan curve problem?
Does it fix the L3 cache speed problem on 5600X?

And here we go again, the beta bios was removed AGAIN without any explanation.

I'm confused. Which version to use? Do we have an explanation?

From how I seen and tested the new beta bios had bugs on b550-e, possibly also on the f. Weird core utilisation and no fix for USB's. Afaik we are waiting for the new stable version. 1401 works ok, beside USB 2.0 problems.

Heads up! New beta version 1602 is up.