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For Anyone Running Windows 10 1903, Install This new Intel Networking Driver

Level 7
Hey guys, I've found the source of a lot of BSOD's on Windows 10 for our motherboards.

It's old Intel Networking Drivers that are causing the corruption.

Please, for EVERYONE who has a motherboard with I211 Intel NIC (all Crosshair VI, VII, VIII Hero boards have it), install this latest version which came out after 1903 launched.

All other drivers came out before 1903, which Is why I believe the issues are happening:

After installing, my BSODs are GONE. AND, websites load faster, so something is definitely wrong with the previous drivers on 1903.

Level 7
URL got truncated and doesn't work 🙂

But great find, i did notice some BSODs were explicitly from the network driver and verifier found them as from previous windows versions.

Level 7
Link does not work!!

Level 7
This url?

If you install the drivers manually on Windows 10 1903, you need to install the NDIS68 version of the drivers.

I just installed the 64 bit version of the driver from that link, and everything is working beautifully.

I use this driver on ASUS Crosshair VI Hero almost from the moment of its release and there were no problems

Just had a BSOD caused by tcpip.sys, these drivers didn't help 😞

Unfortunately my freeze ups came back aswell, but it's lightyears better than the previous drivers which were way more frequent.

I think it's a windows 1903 issue now.

Level 9
can try use dism and sfc command to check windows, make sure there are no corruption for the windows file
dism to make sure the windows image isn't corrupted, and sfc to fix any corruption that windows might have