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Feature parity - set 'default' GPU in multi-GPU systems (UEFI GOP)

Level 7
Dear Asus engineers,
I use only ASUS mobo's for over 15 years (I'm on ROG X570-F GAMING now) and nowadays I miss a feature that is implemented only in gigabyte motherboards.
It would be awesome if ASUS would implement this feature, too.

Currently in multi-GPU systems (CSM-disabled, UEFI, both GPUs are connected to monitors) the GPU in the 1st PCIe x16 slot is selected as default for EFI framebuffer (struct screen_info).
So I can't set the GPU in 2nd/3d slot as default, even though you already have a promising "Tools\GPU Post" tab in UEFI setup (see sample image attached).

When this is needed:
When you have more than one GPU and you want to specify where the BIOS / OS bootloader should appear.

What it probably takes:
All GPUs are already enumerated in UEFI, so basically you would need to add a button to set the 'Default' GPU and then just fill the screen_info EFI framebuffer struct (GOP) with values not from the 1st GPU, but from the Selected GPU.