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Ezupdate in motherboard or aisuite 3 doesn't recognize lastest bios as valid.

Level 7
Ok I have the ROG CH VII hero with bios 0804. I am trying to update to most current bios 4603.
Downloaded directly to FAT32 formatted usb drive in the bios usb slot.
unzipped and renamed as instructed.
in bios and in aisuite 3 I get
"the model of the bios image doesn't match the bios rom currently present."

Do I need to incrementally update bios?

Any ideas?

Solved: Didn't wait. just downloaded all bios and incrementally updated.
start: 0804
to 2008
to 3103
to 4603

Level 13
I wouldn't have AI suite installed on my trash can lid.
This board has the BIOS flashback. Should only have to download and rename file for your MOBO and put just the file on a fat 32 formatted USB and plug it into the USB port labeled BIOS and push and hold the BIOS flashback (top left on IO backplane) until it starts flashing then give it a minute or two until it stops flashing then boot into BIOS and set it up, save and exit done.