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Ethernet stuck at 3 Mpbs. Crosshair VIII Hero + Intel Gigabit 1211 + Win 11

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Anyone had issues just recently with their Ethernet getting throttled?  I  have Gigabit service and usually get in the 800 range.  But it seem like my network adapter or something in the chipset is throttling.  It can connect, but just at a crawl.  Here's my set up and driver versions.

  • Win 11 home. version 22h2 (3/27/2023)
  • ROG: BIOS 3402. (3/22/2021),  Chipset Drivers (3/21/22)
  • Intel 1211 Gigabit Network Connection:  (7/11/2023)

What I've tried so far..

  • Windows Network rest
  • Disabling the following Intel Adapter settings, (Flow control, Energy efficiency, Interrupt Moderation)
  • Intel adapter is set at 1 Gbps Full Duplex.
  • I've verified its just this PC. my home network and all other devices on that network are at speed.

I'm out of ideas and If can't get this resolved I'm down to finding a separate network adapter for the motherboard, or a whole new one.  cause 3 mbps just aint gonna cut it anymore in this world.  Please save my wallet, you're my only hope. 🙂


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Strange behaviour, for sure. Think you may have meant to post this in the AMD section. I've moved the post.

clear / update the UEFI as that build is quite old.

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