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EDC(190A) & TDC(160A) Capped? PCIe stuck at X8 & can't get X16?

Level 7
TUF GAMING X570-PLUS(WI-FI) Bios v3801

I recently upgraded my CPU from a 3700X to a 5950X. I'm using a custom water loop for the CPU & GPU. 2x360mm EK radiators. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut for CPU and GPU. The CPU never reached more than 83°C after many hours of extreme stress tests.

Some mild overclocking and running into a few issues.

1. It seems that EDC is capped at 190A and TDC is capped at 160A in the bios. Any value I set above this does nothing. I've searched everywhere to find out of this is a hardware cap of the motherboard or if it is a software cap set in the bios. Asus does not document these parameters in the user manual. I can't seem to find any information anywhere.

Ryzen master shows both at 100% during load so I know this is a bottleneck.

Is there a way to unlock more headroom or do I need a better motherboard? It's very odd to have this limitation on a motherboard with LN2 settings in the bios. Why isn't this information documented in the user manual?

2. My EVGA 2080ti XC Ultra is stuck at X8 and never shows X16. I've searched everywhere to resolve the issue, but can't seem to find an answer.

Using a 1Tb Sabrent Rocket 4.0 Nvme. I installed it in the top and bottom slots with no luck. Currently in the top slot. I reseated the graphics card(no riser) and cleaned the pins with alcohol. I changed the bios setting for the PCIe slot to different values.

Nothing seems to work. What gives?

Level 9
I have the x570 Dark hero and noticed trying to change the tdc edc ppt limits in the amd overclocking section of the motherboard wouldnt actually result in those limits raising - similar to yourself ryzen master would report 100% but I did find my edc/tdc/ppt limits would changed if I altered them in the extreme overclocking tab (same location as the dynamic overclocker option on my particular board) I'm not 100% but maybe you have 2 locations to change the edc/tdc like myself but with only one of them actually working?
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Doco wrote:

I figured out that EDC & TDC are locked to 190 and 160 respectively in the Advanced\AMD Overclocking\AMD Overclocking\Precision Boost Overdrive\PBO Limits setting. I changed it back to auto.

Ai Tweaker\Precision Boost Overdrive\Precision Boost Overdrive set to manual and now the EDC & TDC limits can be raised above 190 and 160 respectively. I'm currently using 220 EDC 160 TDC and performance has improved! It shows this in Ryzen master and HWiNFO.

Asus bios is so fubar and confusing.