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Does anyone know what the "Intel Dynamic Device Peak Power Manager" is?

Level 8

I have an ASUS Z690-E ROG Strix motherboard that has an Intel Core i7-12700K. I am running Server 2022 on my machine and have managed to get all the drivers installed except for one. I dual booted my machine to also run Windows10 and saw that the device was recognized by a driver called the "Intel Dynamic Device Peak Power Manager". It has the same hardware IDs as described in this post.

So my question is, what is this device/service and is it essential? Also, where can I go to get drivers for it? It seems like the drivers in Windows10 that it works with were shipped with the OS (i.e. it was recognized by the OS without installing any drivers) So far I haven't been able to find any documentation on this "device."

Thanks in advance.


Level 9

Hey anubis2k9,

have you notficed that you are in AMD 500/400 Series Mainboard Forum, how you question about intel based Mobo fits here?!

Just ask the question in corresponding forum.

Thanx 🙂

Level 8

Whoops. Thank you