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Do I need to update BIOS? Advice for udnervolting.

Level 7

I have Asus Strix x470-F and 5600x. My current BIOS 6042. Will I get anything better with new 6202 BIOS?

Can you give me some advice for small begginer undervolting?


Level 7


Level 9

Its actually advisable to do so - temps should go down even without undervolting, what do they look like now ? - Sad truth i wont risk it with Asus Bioses unless you have bios recovery button to flash prev. version if something goes bad!

Level 7

In summer my CPU temperatures were around 85C.

For undervolting I tried negative Curve optimizer but it just increases the temperatures (and perfomance).

Using offset voltage lowers perfomance, so lower temperatures = lower performance. When I had R5 1600 I would got a computer freeze when I would go too low with offset settings, but 5000 series doesn't behave like that.


No real advise from me man, i went from ryzen 1700x to 5700x and i am struggling to get normal temps as well, prev my temps were around 55 load max, now 45 just after powered on and 70 - 80 on load as a standard. Also no real improvement in games! Its all just marketing ! Under-volt as much as you can trying to keep the performance stable, thats probably the best!