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Difficult boot after update BIOS to 4802

Level 7

Hi all,

after I updated my desktop to BIOS v. 4802 started a strange problem: I turn on computer and then there is no signal on monitor and no devices turn on (light on mouse, keyboard or microphone). I had to push the reset button and after 3 or 4 times (today was 7), computer start booting and arrives on desktop.

I tried to downgrade to 4602 but the problem is still persisting... my setup is:

MB: ROG Stryx 570 f gaming

CPU: Ryzen 7 3800XT

RAM: Corsair ddr4-3596 16gb x2


Thank you for your help and for any hints you can give me. 


Level 7

i have had similar issues..  the NVME slots are glitchy...  booting into Windows ona Samsung 990 2TB or having both slots filled with a NVME drive will cause Windows 10 to reboot.. downgrading  to 4602  doesnt help

sent it in for repairs to asus.. but they say there is a scratch on the motherboard i couldnt see.. so they are voiding my warrenty for a faulty bios update...  so i trying to dispute it with them... as i sent in 2 motherboards X570 tuf gaming  and  they both have the same issue.. just one suppoedly has a scratch i couldnt see  so  i trying to fight it... very frustrating