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[Data Collection] Ryzen 3000 - Screenshots Aida and main Benchmarks, Hw, Setups.

Level 7
Hello guys, feel free post here ur results with ur settings. This would be a very data colletion

Personally after i read many info and review (expecially from
Tekrooms Site and a special thanks to reviewer Marco Floriddia that helped me alot) i decided to build this configuration.

- Asus Prime X470-PRO (flashed ABB agesa)
- Ryzen 3600x MANUAL OC'ed all core by BIOS 4.35ghz 1.35vcore + economic aircooler atm
- Ram kit bdie 16gb 3600 15-15-15-35-48 oc'd to 3733mhz/Infinity 1:1 14-16-14-21-29 + secondary&tertiary ultralow (you can see in screenshot) @1,5dram volts, 1.087soc voltage and ProcODT 36,9ohm.

Boot is very fast, no others bug (except pbo doesn't get 4.4 boost)

(here i was testing the 4.4ghz but temps in stress test are not good)

Im with an economic aircooler and temps in stresstest are prohibitive (but not for normal use like gaming and others), im pre-ordered new aio Arctic Liquid v2 360 that is releasing on october