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Dark Hero X570 32GB of Memory at 4000Mhz

Level 7

After reviewing memory_QVL I do not see many options for 32GB of Ram at 4000Mhz for my Dark Hero board. Has anyone purchased a 32gb Kit and made it work with this board?

ever06 wrote:
best of luck getting your ram to work and for the record 128GB not overkill for vfx artist got mines working perfect huge difference and if you guys are still struggling end of the week I'll stop by after work to help ya

What is your post in response to and who is direct at ?

Level 7
Your CPU IMC has to be able to reach this, there are plenty kits who can do, doesn't mean your IMC will be capable.

Level 7
Thanks. I will search for these. Hopefully, I will notice a difference in gaming. I do not do much productivity work. I had purchased my older 3200mhz XMP G.Skill 32GB as a quad memory kit for my older Threadripper build back in the day and I just moved these over to my new ryzen 5900x build.

Is there a way to find out which is the Samsung Variant or is it just the luck of the draw when purchased?

Level 12
Price tends to let you know it's b-die (aint cheap), this in advanced & all kits, can help out

and this list is for AMD tested with CPU's for RAM (in addition QVL for RAM, done by motherboard makers & the one done by RAM manufactuers)

Tend go for 2 out of three isnt bad (like a song you may know), but at least one QVL list for anything you decide to use.

G.skill are still one of the best for AMD ~imo and kit I use is frankly awesome. I have populated 4xdimms, 2 kits (or one kit of F4-3800C14D-32GTZN)
Hope you find this helpful.

Level 7
Appreciate the input I am looking at this model now. DDR4-4000 CL16-19-19-39 32GB (16GBx2)