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Dark Hero weird pbo(?) behavior

Level 7
I upgraded from a x370 Taichi where my 3950x used to be able to get 9300 in CB at a 65-70C temp range with an EDC usually maxing out at around 180A.

My current problem is this board makes it max out at 200A EDC with temps of 80C~, but the performance is bad. I spent all of this day and yesterday trying various pbo options but I can't get any results that aren't bad and it's a bit discouraging since I feel like I'm stuck.

If I run the same exact settings as on my last board I get like 8600 in CB with 80C, I get higher frequencies for sure, but the temp and power usage is also higher which doesn't make sense with the score being lower.

Screenshots of performance from the last mobo

And then screenshots of what I get currently (pic got cut off open image in new tab shows full)

I think this motherboard is better than the last one, but then why am I getting scuffed results?

Edit: Okay I was able to achieve a similar behavior as my last board by taking the PPT TDC EDC values(740 480 650) that were used there and applying them here. Had to do it through AI tweaker because amd overclocking didn't change them properly. Results still not completely satisfactory though, my score is still low for an identical scenario at just 8500 compared to the 9200 from before.

My EDC maxed out at 178A (almost identical), cpu voltage was also 1.288 and temps reached only 71C. Max mhz was 4150. I wonder why is it that when I used 300 230 230 I got arguably worse performance but when the limits are more than double it behaves like that?

Edit 9/1: Decided to put the problem on the backburner for now. I might get 8300/434 in cinebench but my temps are good and until I notice performance issues in either blender or other workloads(or games) I will stick with the current settings as my usual setup has the CPU run on low 40s tempwise, which is way better than the 50-60 I was used to previously. Game + 4 core emulator + another emulator/game chrome with 150+ tabs with a stream running and other random ****.

I will make an update when I figured out what was causing it(only thing I haven't tried is disabling ftpm but it's on the list) in case someone else encounters an issue like this and is looking for info.

Edit 9/3: Didn't change anything since but today I got 9000/456. Better than before but still not at the same values as on my last board.