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Dark hero Q code led died.

Level 7
Pc crashed and during reboot it said something like don't turn off whie updating BIOS for prolonged period of time with a 00 q led code.
Eventually I rebooted and got same message. After more reboots I decided to reseat my cpu.
After reseating the cpu i kept getting same message but lost the q code 00 and got no code.
I managed to getinto bios after a couple safe boots reset the settings and exited out of bios for the pc to boot normally but the q code has still not lit up. The other q leds colors are shinning at boot but not the number code.
I attempted to also change the settings for q code in bios from post only to auto. This has not changed anything.
I also updated bios from 3501 to the latest 4402 i think it is.
So i was just wondering if anyone had any tho ughts on troubleshooting. Any thoughts would be helpful.
To restate the problem my pc has been running for a week since initial problem but the q code led is still not working

Double post. Please Delete, Moderator. Can't find delete function in edit post. Sorry for mishap, there was technical error. Thank you.