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Dark Hero + GSkill Neo + Corsair K95 iCue Conflicts???

Level 7
So for the life of me, I can't get everything to work and I feel like my computer is running like trash with so much bloatware fighting over the RGB. What is the best way to handle this? I'd rather have all the settings in one piece of software and it to be as transparent as possible. Here are a list of problems that I'm having... has anyone else experienced this and could you help a brother out?

1) Gskill software can't see it's own DRAM.
2) iCue can see Mobo but not DRAM.
3) Aura can't control RGB on keyboard.

Can Aura software control each stick and each light on the stick on it's own? Also is there a way to get the RGB header to turn the color of the last LED on the RAM sticks? Can conflicts in RGB control make my rig unstable? I feel like the system becomes unresponsive and shutdown/startup is super slow sometimes due to the RAM.

Level 7
I have the same hardware as you've listed and share the same frustration. Not only do you need multiple programs, but they all seem to be rather buggy and suffer from feature creep.

I need iCue for the keyboard macros, and it can also control the rgb on my motherboard and Asus graphics card. Promising, until you realize it can't control the ram rgb (probably because they want you to buy Corsair ram). So I need Asus Armory Crate for that. To top it all off I have an NZXT cooler so I "need" NZXT Cam too!

Not sure if this is the best way, but here's how I do it: I let Asus Armory Crate control the motherboard, ram and graphics card rgb, and use iCue for the keyboard only. I don't have any Gskill software installed. Of course I also have NZXT Cam running for the cooler, but it seems you don't need that.

Armory Crate gave me a lot of headaches (wrong colours, no animation etc) until I read a tip suggesting turning off "Enable Plugins" in iCue settings. Apparently this stops iCue from fighting with Armory Crate over the rgb settings. Make sure you check for this. Armory Crate seems to do a much better job after turning that off, although it still gets the rgb animation speed wrong most of the time.

None of this software has made my system unstable (apart from wonky rgb lighting), but running them does steal resources and makes start-up slower. I suppose it's a choice between top performance or pretty lights. Gamers Nexus had a video on Youtube where they tested this iirc. You might want to check it out.

Hope this situation will improve and some standard for rgb control will emerge, but I'm not holding my breath.

Level 12
Icue by default has an Asus plug in and will conflict with Aura. Turn of the plug in as noted above. Icue for corsiar item only. Aura for all else including the ram.