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Dark Hero and 5950x Q Code Question

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TLDR; When booting into windows my computer used to go from "40" to "9E". Now its "AA" to "9E".

I recently finished a build using a 5950x and Dark Hero motherboard. I'm on the latest BIOS (3904) with DOCP enabled for the 3600mhz ram and Windows 11.

I noticed that during the first week when booting into windows the Q code would read "40" and then go to "9E". So my understanding fast boot and then TPM sensor check. (all normal)

The past few days I've noticed I'm not getting "40" code anymore. Instead the codes go "AA' and then "9E".

Reading online I've found out "AA" is fine but my question is why is "40" not showing up anymore? Makes me wonder if my computer is not doing the fast boot anymore. Is this something I shouldn't worry about?

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The Q-Code depends on what sleep state the system resumed from. It can be impacted by what C-States are active and whether the operating system is utilising hybrid shutdown.

Ultimately, it's not important and I tend to disable the Q-CODE LED in the UEFI (only applicable after the system has completed POST).
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AA is a normal boot without windows fast boot you*will get AA whenever you restart the pc. fast boot is only when shutting down the pc. Personally I always disable windows fast boot it’s been the cause off BSOD on a few pcs.*You can check if it’s on by going into control panel, power options and top left choose what the power button does you can change it there and yes q code 30/40 is normal for fast boot or sleep and 9E for tpm.
Your motherboards fast boot in the bios won’t have any affect on the windows handoff q code.

Also AE A0 are normal q codes had them on different boards over the years.

There’s another q code you might come across it’s q code d3 you can get this if you run software that reads certain bios settings like ram timings. A lot of people think it’s a fault but it’s just a information code.

Level 8
Hi uprising thanks for the reply. To answer your question I do have fast start up checked off within what do the power buttons do.

I did more research and basically from my understanding there are two things in play: 1. the BIOS boot time and then 2. the windows hand off (start up). My bios boot time based off task manager is 9.1 seconds so I don't think that's the issue. If it was a hardware related issue I'm assuming that would take way longer or wouldn't even post?

The issue for me is during the hand off to the OS. I've timed it and when the Q code goes from "40" to "9E" its around 14 seconds (post and start up time). When it goes from "AA" to "9E" its 21 seconds (not the end of the world but this is my first high end build and I'd like everything to be dialed in). Currently 99% of the time its taking 21 seconds aka "AA".

The only start up applications I have are: One Drive, CAM and Discord. I'm actually starting to wonder if there might be an issue with the Samsung 980 m.2 and windows 11. Reason I say that is I know someone who has almost the same build as me but 970 evo pro (pcie 3 version) and he gets the fast boot every time.