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Crosshair VIII non-wifi, USB resets internal and external ports constant disconnects

Level 7
I am beginning to think I have a return board, the CPU did not have a shield on it when I got it from newegg.

I saw this on 2702 and now 3003 BIOS

PSU is: EVGA T2 1000 W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

I had to fix the Corsiar ML120 fans RGB from constantly disconnecting via the commander pros by buying a NZXT internal v3 USB 2.0 hub.
I also have issues where I have keyboard, mouse, 2 web cams and an microphone and I have to play musical chairs between ports since the USB either kills one of the ports OR resets EVERYTHING.
I lose KBM, all cameras lights audio even, the whole thing blips. I have things plugged into the red USB ports and blue on the back, one USB C in the front header....

I even once got the windows message pop up that said 'Not enough USB controller resources' and that's after I added a powered USB hub to try to fix the disconnect/freezing issues.

I have NEVER seen this problem on any other computer, ever.

I went into device manager and turned off the ' windows can save power by turning off this device ' under the USB hubs.
It has RESET this back to CHECKED at least once already...

I started trying to use a really nice external powered USB 3.0 hub. same issues, I cant even put two cameras on the same massive powered hub that used to work great with 8 things connected to my MBP....


Bizkitcan wrote:
Would that not tank my SSD performance and also mess with video card ?

Funtik wrote:

Ahhhhhhh, yeah this is probably it, thank you. Need to poke ASUS with a support request to get this fixed, hopefully in the next BIOS....

Level 7
This issue is still persisting, I went to device manager and under view selected 'show hidden devices' I have a TON of greyed out USB hubs and devices.