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Crosshair VIII Impact: black screen and fan goes crazy

Level 7
Hi there 🙂

I have a ROG Crosshair VIII Impact motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 9 and often (80% chances) when resuming from suspension I get a black screen and all the fans going to top speed. This also happens if I quickly open Chrome once system boots up from a power-off.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I am completely at a loss here, I suspect it has something to do with the motherboard or the RAM.

The Q-Code displayed is 00...that absolutely doesn't help.

Level 7
I have noticed that the on-board DRAM LED (yellow) is ON when this failure happens. Any ideas?

Level 14
wrong tread post, try under the motherboard section.

Hey hus3di,

Do you have anything overclocked or undervolted on your system?

Also, have you changed anything else in the BIOS? If you have, try resetting to defaults and see if you're still getting the same issue.

Level 10
Try going down a few bios versions. Good part is you can on your board. On my board you are stuck like Chuck. Hopefully, an earlier bios will sort out your issue on the board.