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Crosshair VIII Hero x570 NVME Raid?

Level 9
From what I'm reading in the documentation on the Crosshair VIII Hero x570, one NVME m.2 port is owned by the cpu, and one is owned by the chipset. I can't find anything in the documentation that leads me to believe that this board supports Creating Raid volumes from the 2 nvme m.2 ports.

Is it possible to create Raid volumes from the nvme drives? (Raid 0/10/1)???

Prospective buyer.....


Level 7
Asus implemented NVME Raid for AM4 sometime in 2018 or earlier. I have a Crosshair VI Extreme and have been running 2xWDS512G1X0C in Raid 0 from April 2018. For the Crosshair VI Extreme PCIE X8_2 shares bandwidth with M.2_2. Consequently, whenever M.2_2 is populated PCIE X16/X8_1 will run at X8 and PCIE X8_2 will run at 4X. There is no apparent loss of performance in game-play. I fact my PC has gotten faster. For the X570 you may be able to run Raid 10 with 4XNVME SSD at PCIE Gen 4.0 by the use of this expansion card, It run at 16X/8X. In oder for this you would intall 2xM.2 NVME on the expansion card and the other two in the M.2_ and M.2_2 slots. Check page 1-8 of your manual for PCIE Operating Mode. Based on the manual you could install the ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe 4.0 X4 Expansion Card in PCIE X16_2, it would run at X8. Each M.2 NVME would use 4 lanes of PCIE 3.0/4.0
depending on your CPU. My answer to you is yes, the Crosshair VIII Hero will run NVME Raid.

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