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Crosshair VIII Hero chipset driver install issues

Level 7
Trying to install the latest chipset drivers and I am having a issue here.

Windows 10
I have download the driver directly from AMD and from Asus and it does the same with both. When I run the installer, the splash screen comes up with "checking compatible hardware". It will sit for 30-40ish seconds and then close and nothing installs, no error messages, nothing.

I tried googling but the couple hits that came up were several years old and were not helpful. Been messing with this for over a hour now and I am out of ideas.

Hi PakRatJR

Windows 10 usually installs the chipset driver, windows 11 I notice does not.

If device manager looks good and you're not having issues, I wouldn't be too awfully worried.

How does Device Manager look?


Device manager looks fine, no triangles. I never had any issues with previous updates and not really having any issues with anything that I am aware of.... other than Waterfox being annoying lately lol :rolleyes:.... so I guess I really don't "need" to update.

To be honest,

I just used the chipset driver windows installed.

I did however update the graphics driver and install the Realtek audio driver with sonic studio 3.