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Crosshair VIII Formula - Recent Firmware versions: random system hang AND total home network hang

Level 7

I've been experiencing this for a while now - the hanging seems to have no rhyme or reason, although typically it happens when the computer is in idle (away from home or while sleeping).

The entire system will hang and after about a minute my entire home network stops communicating:  no internet and no internal communication (my local devices lose access to the WiFi AP and Ethernet-connected devices can't communicate with the router either.  I've narrowed this down to the computer because after the first few times of me banging my head why my router was going out, I simply tried unplugging the Ethernet cable from PC after it hung, and boom, I didn't even need to reboot the router for all home connectivity to come back (while PC was still sitting frozen and isolated).

This network hanging effect has happened on three different routers:

  • ASUS home WiFi router (don't remember the model)
  • Ubiquiti gateway
  • Ubiquiti Cream Machine

I've also tested this with multiple OSs: Windows 10/11, Multiple flavors of Linux

After much troubleshooting, and systematically rolling back BIOS version by version  I settled on the 2022 release (version 4006)...  Problem is: it's really guesswork as to if that's actually the latest "working" BIOS version since waiting for a hang takes forever.

Has anyone else experienced something so crazy as a desktop system hang bringing down their entire home network?

  • Crosshair VIII Formula
  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
  • Crucial Ballistix 3200 RAM
  • Ubiquiti

The only solution seems to be using a very old BIOS version, which I would prefer not to do as the old EFI doesn't support my new video card and it's just good to use the latest for security reasons.