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Crosshair VIII Formula Ram Question

Level 7
Hey guys,

I have a quick question, hoping it's a simple one too. I've been digging around and I think I have the answer I don't want to hear, but I think it's what I'm going to hear. Up until yesterday I have been running my pc on 16GB of G.Skill Ram @ 4405mhz with the DDCP settings in the BIOS and it has been running flawlessly. Well lately I've been running more intense things and decided to upgrade to 32GB of ram. So, I just bought 2 more 8GB sticks of the same RAM I already had. Put them in yesterday, now PC won't boot. DDCP profile enabled will cause a no boot. It will literally turn off almost immediately. Then when it finally does boot, it boots into safe mode and RAM speed is at 2133mhz. So looking around at the QVL and through a few threads, is it possible to run @ 4405 mhz with 4 sticks of ram on the Formula? Or am I going to have to just bite the bullet and buy 2 16GB sticks and go from there? Or is it possible to even tune it to 3600 or something? I'd like to see it run at 4400mhz again, but not really sure I'll be able to. Here are the build specs:

Crosshair VIII Formula
Ryzen 3950X
Thermaltake 1250watt Plat. PSU
32 GB G.Skill F4-4400C18D-16GTZRC (4x8GB)
GTX 1080x2
Custom Dual Water Cooling loops
m.2 Hard drives

No overclocking done minus the GPU's.

Level 7
Hello, my answer won't make you happy but seeing the QVL for Ryzen 3000 series CPU there's absolutely no RAM kit mentioned running with 4 DIMMs starting from 3733Mhz except one Corsair kit at 4000 MHz and if I remember correctly you're losing performance (to a certain degree) above 3600 MHz anyway because the FCLK is rated to max at 1800 MHz, and you're supposed to have a ratio of 1:1 with the memory (which means 3600 Mhz)
What you can try anyway is to do a Clear CMOS, go to BIOS, don't use DOCP set up your memory manually in the "Extreme Tweaker" tab, you should start from 2133 MHz and see if it boots. If it does raise a little bit the frequency speed until you can't boot to know what is your max with 4 DIMMs. If you reach 3600 MHz and still can boot, you already did a LOT. If you reach a speed of 3600 MHz or less, and it's bootable/stable you can try to set up FCLK to the corresponding value (you divide the value by two, for ex: DRAM at 3600 MHz = FCLK at 1800 MHz), after this you can tune the timings with your kit timings as a start point (you can find them on the box of your RAM or on the "Tool" Tab there's a tool named "Asus SPD Information")
Of course, if you're not comfortable doing all this, then don't 😮
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I figured as much. I'm not super familiar with OC'ing RAM, and my successes with it are hit or miss. I will dig around and try to see if there is a better utility or guide to help me through it as I'd like to see it as high as I can get it. I know 2133 is the default speed for the BIOS, but knowing it's 1/2 my speed just... bothers me lol. So I'll see if I can get it a little higher. Thanks!

Level 8
G.Skill kits should be identical, even if not bought at the same time... but with T-Topology motherboards, running 4 sticks is always a mess.
Id' try what GoLLuM13 wrote, maybe try a little bump to RAM voltage, but 99% the best option for you is to send back the new kit, sell the older one as used and grab a 2x16 new kit.

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