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Crosshair VIII Formula fTPM in Bios & Windows 11 Compatibility

Level 11
Windows 11 requires you to have TPM 2.0. If you run a compatibility check for Windows 11 via Microsoft's "PC Health Check" software you will find that your system is probably and supposedly not compatible with it because of not having TPM. But if you go into the Bios under "Advanced" you will see under fTPM that it is not enabled. So if you enable it, I'm guessing you are indeed good to go and can install and run Windows 11. However, there is a warning when you go to turn fTPM on. Does anyone know if you can have boot problems if you go ahead and turn fTPM on? Just curious as all this technical mumbo jumbo is confusing to us lesser and semi-techies / laymen.

Level 13
Your should Have No issues , There Are Many Threads On TMP In the Last Week

toronto699 wrote:
Your should Have No issues , There Are Many Threads On TMP In the Last Week

Thanks for your reply. And you are correct. After enabling fTMP the computer started without a hitch. Then running the Microsoft PC Health Check software, my system showed as ready for Windows 11.

In case others want to check and see if their rigs are Windows 11 ready, they can get the software at Microsoft's associated webpage here at the very bottom of the page listed here:

"How do I know if my current Windows 10 PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11?

If you'd like to see if your current PC meets the minimum requirements, download and run the PC Health Check app."