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Crosshair VIII Dark Hero Memory Clock

Level 8
I have an issue with the memory clock and hope someone can help. I've had a CH8DH running a 5950x, 64GB of G. Skill Trident Z "Hynix" @ 3600 with a 3090FE for a little over a month with really no problems. In the last couple of days, something has changed. The infinity clock no longer shows the correct clock 1800. it's missing .2 - .3MHz. The multiplier is also reporting weird numbers that have not been seen before in HWiNFO. 36.2x, 38.8x 48.25. Is this a problem with the processor? I've loaded the default setting in bios 3204 but changed nothing. The infinity clock is always missing .2-.3MHz no matter what the memory speed is set to.

The system is stable and runs everything without any problem, but this weird reporting change/error.