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Crosshair VIII Darh Hero and Memory stability

Level 7
Hi Everyone. I am pulling what hair I have left out trying to figure out this problem.
I have a Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard running 4201 with a 5900X, and an ROG Strix 3070.
I have tried 4 different memory kits and every one of them lock up my system within an hour. It doesn't matter if I have D.O.C.P. on or not. 2 of the memory kits are on the QVL and still have the same problem.
When the system freezes the yellow DRAM debug light is ON and I have to hard power off the power supply to restart my pc.
The 4 RAM kits i have tried are G.Skill F4-4000C18D-32GTRS, and 3 Corsair memory kits, CMT64GX4M4Z3600C16, CMT32GX4M2Z3600C14, and CMT32GX4M4K3600C16

On average this happens 5 to 15 times a day. I have tried another brand new CPU and even took back the first Dark Hero board I bought and got another one but still the same problem.

If anyone can help me get my system stable i would be forever greatful.


Level 12
(1) Are you putting the kits in ram slots 2 & 4 from CPU.
(2) Do you have both power connectors above the CPU on the left hooked up.
(3) What are you using for cooling solution on the CPU and is it possible you overtightened it (perhaps try 1/4 turn back off the screws)

Yes 2 of the kids are dual stick and they are installed in 2 & 4
yes both power connectors are connected
using an Asus ROG Ryuo 240 AIO for cooling and another 9 corsair fans in an O11 Dynamic

Super Moderator

Remove the CPU cooler and CPU whilst checking for any damaged pins.

Reseat the CPU cooler whilst checking for even mounting pressure.

Clear the UEFI and leave at complete system default and retest.
13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

i had a simliar issue with the same motherboard with 4x8Gb sticks @ 3600Mhz
Activate DOCP, but take the Mhz to 3400 and the Flck 1700 (this keeps the 1:1)

morbidal wrote:
i had a simliar issue with the same motherboard with 4x8Gb sticks @ 3600Mhz
Activate DOCP, but take the Mhz to 3400 and the Flck 1700 (this keeps the 1:1)

Flck 1800 & DDR4@3600 should be fine, if not, raise the SOC Voltage to max of 1.1v but 1.0v should work.

Level 7
have you considered the PSU, what one are you running, wattage and brand and rating please.

Even if it is powerful enough, it could still be faulty. The other time i have seen this happen is when you use the wrong PSU cables for the PSU, specifically the 24 pin, not all PSUs use the same pinouts.

definitely worth cecking the PSU is not faulty though, if you are getting this issue after replacing memory, cpu and mobo, its really the only thing left to try.

One more thing, could be the windows install, if you have a spare SSD, try installing windows on that, and power PC from that for a while, to see if it is still happening.

Good luck, these issues can be a real pain.

Factory defect. I went through 2 Dark Hero boards until I settled on an altogether different board. Exact same issues as you describe. Plug headphones into the onboard audio jack and tell me if you have faint hissing / electrical noise when you move the cursor.

Kind regards,