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Crosshair VII internal USB 2.0 / USB_15 -problem

Level 7

i have a minor problem with my C7H-board. The internal USB_15 (the part of the ROG-extender) doesn't seem to work properly. If i connect t to an AiO-USB-cable, then windows 10 doesn't recognize the AiO-cooler (the other USB-connector does). If I connect the USB 2.0 -cable for the casefrontpanel to the US B_15 slot, then the panel does work...but only half of the USB-slots do.

The question is, if this is a common problem or if the connector on my board is broken. Since i rarely use USB 2.0 it isn't really a big issue. But if I pay $300 for a MB, then I want it to work to it's full extent.

Yea I know I could simply RMA it, but the place where I got the board from doesn't have a new one for the next month or so and sending it directly to asus would take ages as well.

Level 8
I thought that too. Already took steps to open up a RMA while being super unhappy as I bought the C7H as my C6H slowly died, thinking I had two faulty parts in a row.

Anyways, open up your manual, the USB_15 header has only 1 USB 2.0 port connected, the second row states NC (not connected) on the data lines. It's actually just meant as being part of the ROG Extension port. There's also a second USB header to the left of it, USB_1112, which is the *true* USB 2.0 header with 2 active ports. I would assume that the second USB port on the USB_15 header is the power supply for the extension kit, as only +5V and Ground are connected.

Anyways, here's the relevant manual part:

Thercon Jair wrote:

Anyways, here's the relevant manual part:

Regaring to your post I have Cosmos II case with 4x USB front panel and I was curious why only 3 from 4 USB are working with data and fourth only blinks power of the USB stick and your post makes sense for me. I checked wiring inside the cable, I am asured that USB panel is OK just internal USB_15 only supports data for one USB and second one can only power up through USB.

It´s weird that ASUS made it like this, my old Crosshair V could use 4x internal USB with data.

Level 9
There is nothing wrong with the USB15 header as Thercon Jair correctly stated. That header is a single port. You can get a hub or a splitter to connect to USB1112. Many have had success using the NZXT hub and it is inexpensive @ $20. You could also use a commander Pro but @$70 it may be a bit overkill just to get two internal headers from one. Another inexpensive option is a USB splitter like this < > @ 10.00 on amazon and you can find them elsewhere just search for USB internal 9pin splitter 1 to 2 male.

Or if you are cool with it leave the AIO in USB1112 and connect the front USB 2.0 i/o to USB15 and just know that one of your front 2.0 sockets wont work. I imagine you would need two front USB 2.0 simultaneously on very few occasions.
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Thanks for the answers. I've missed the "NC" part in the manual. I had my suspicions, that the reason USB_15 doesn't work all the way, was because it was a part of the ROG-EXT.
The part, which threw me of is, that I also have the C6H and the ROG-extension-USB-port works fine with AIOs and 2 USB-ports.

Level 11
I personally have had great success with THIS HUB.

Level 7
Guys i just resolve the problem xD if you can see hier at the 5 pins the are NC but at the 4 pins they are all ative! USBP15- and usb P15+ And any way the 5 pin dont need to work any way! so yea you just need yo use the 4 pins not the 5 pins my h110i is working that way!

Level 40
Thanks Loviless for posting your fix. I hope you don't mind if I copy that tip and add it to my growing book of fixes...

Have added to your rep mate.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 8
I was wondering the same and thanks to Thercon for being so eagle eyed and spotting the USB15 NC in the manual, thus putting my mind at rest.
My Storm Trooper case has two front USB 3.0 and two 2.0, so it's no great issue for me.

Level 9
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