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Crosshair VII Hero WiFi - HDD's Not Sleeping

Level 7

So I upgraded from a Ryzen 2700x to a 5700x with 3200MHz Ram, and now no internal SATA HDD will sleep / spin down.

I've tried resetting the BIOS and updated to the latest version 5102. Made sure drivers are all up-to-date. I've AMD's power plan installed and have tried every combination of power plan and setting I can think of.

I've tried 4 different HDD's, 3 different SATA cables, every SATA port on the MoBo. I even tried a fresh install of Windows 10. I can't figure it out!

The HDD's I use spin down when attached to a different PC, and external HDD's spin down fine.

Anyone know if this a known Ryzen 5000 bug or could this be my MoBo having a fit?