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Crosshair VII and Ryzen 2700x - Random shutdown's, anyone else?

Level 7
Curious if anyone else that has this motherboard has experienced random shutdowns on this board. I switched over from the ASRock TaiChi X370, using all the same components but the CPU.

Did not experience any issues on the old board and the temperatures are well within reason.

Running the following setup:

  • ASUS Crosshair VII Hero WIFI
  • Gskill Trident Z F4-3600C16D-16GTZ (3600 MT/s @ 16-16-16-35-52)
  • Ryzen 2700x
  • EVGA SuperNova 1000 P2
  • Crucial M500
  • Soundblaster Z Sound Card
  • MSI Geforce 1080 TI ARMOR OC 11g

CPU is Overclocked to 4.2ghz @ 1.4v

The interesting thing is that the machine does not randomly shutdown under stress tests like OCCT or AIDA. It will, however, shut down randomly during gaming or even casual browsing, May shut down once in a session, may not shut down at all, or may shut down two more more times in a session.

When the issue does rear it's head, all of the lights (USB peripherals, ASUS RGB indicators, etc) are on. I have to turn the PSU switch to off to clear the power on the board before I can turn the systen back on.

Experienced the same issue as everyone in regards to ROG Crosshair 7 hero
Good day everyone, I have been living the dream, actually nightmare for the past 2 weeks. Same situation as most. Blue Screens, random freezes. Emails with ASUS and Memory Provider (see specs below).

Installing windows, re-installing windows. Changing drives, playing with voltages in my setup, unplugged rgb cabling, unplugged fan hub. Nothing worked. Finally found something. Not totally happy with the solution but can live with it for now as my system no longer freezes up. No more BSOD and actually survives a AIDA64 stress test!!

Here are my Specs:

AMD Ryzen 2700X
ROG Crosshair VII Hero
Samsung NVMe 970 pro
Patriot Viper RGB 2x8gb Kit PC4-25600 3200Mhz - I have two kits for 32gb
Corsair H115i Pro
Gefroce 8800GTS --- Soon to be replaced by an RTX 2080
EVGA 850 P2
Phanteks Evolv X case - RGB lighting and Fan hub

The solution that worked for me is the following:
(Note this is work in progress, stepping up each time till it starts freezing again)

As mentioned I have 4 sticks of DDR4's I removed a pair.
After playing with the timings and voltages nothing worked but this has.

If you have 4 sticks remove 2 of them. It has to be A1-B1. In other words your two remaining sticks will be as it is identified in the manual on page 1-5

Under Extreme Tweaker configure the following
Overclock tuner --> DOCP Standard
Memory Frequency --> Select the lowest value DDR4-1333MHZ

In Dram timing Control
Enter the timings of your memory that it is supposed to be in XMP mode

in Dram voltage
Enter the voltage your memory sticks support in XMP mode.. generally 1.35V

Under Monitor
In QFAN configuration



Your system should now be stable and you should not experience BSOD's or system freezes.

Update Windows 10
Install all the ASUS ROG updates

Once your system is up-to-date, change your Memory Frequency up 1 value. Repeat until system no longer stable.

Once you hit the sweet spot, add the additional 2 sticks of ram.


Hope this works out and if it does leave me an FYI

Here are some updated results! Running all for sticks at full capacity 3200Mhz!

Now to test QFan activation and Over Clocking!

Having same issue. Did it 3 times today for the first time. I uninstalled corsair icue software that had a recent update. Then I restarted and it froze at ROG screen code 64. Held power down to shut off. Was able to power up without turning off PSU. Had to F1 into the BIOS where I see it reverted my CPU back to stock and memory at 2133. Booted back into windows. I'm gonna leave it as is and see what happens.

lunarlunatic wrote:
Hey Guys, do we have any update on this issue?

I was having the shutdowns due to conflict with iCue and Asus Software. I stopped running both and my problems have gone away. However this cannot stay like this. I had no issues running multiple rgb/fan control software with my last motherboard... I could live with it if the Crosshair7 was a 90$ motherboard. But in fact it is not.

when I want to change the speed of the fans it just turn the pc off.

sgtoSusy wrote:
when I want to change the speed of the fans it just turn the pc off.

Ryzen 2700x owner and and owner of crosshair hero vii wifi... i had this issue where i would go to fan tuning and it would shut the PC off... i then reformatted the PC and installed OS on ssd instead of m.2 nvme 870 evo. Worked fine after that... but yes you guessed it ... my PC turns off after about 2 hours or less when left at idle all power plan settings set to "never"... at the moment i am testing one corsair ram stick at a time to see if the PC shuts off at idle itself... 1st stick didn't shut down... 2nd stick it did with a kernel 41 error. 3rd stick is now in 1 more to go. If anyone can chime in that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Level 9
was it worth buying a 470 board... ??? i stuck with the ch6. to op and anyone who's upgraded from x370...

would be interested to hear users impressions in comparison... I'm surprised the bios wasn't right to begin with. you would of thought amd had learnt their lesson... it is fun tuning your system though... especially once you've got it running better than expected.... cheers!
AsusCrosshairHeroVIII - 5950X
32Gb G.Skill RGB Trident 16gb3466Mhz B-Die + 16gb4266Mhz B-Die
Asus Tuf RTX3090
1TbSamsung960EVO M.2 1TbSamsung850EVO SSD Seagate2TB/3Tb CorsairForceGt 64gb
Seasonic Focus1000w 80+ Gold
Thermaltake Core X71 Tempered glass side panal

i have the same problem here but with asus rog strix x470 F , i used to have the same issue when i start HWinfo and asus AI suite i uninstalled Asus suite and all worked fine but when i used prime 95 with HWinfo my system crashed when stop the test the other time i started the test while HWinfo opened and system crashed the i started the test without HWinfo multiple time and it worked without issue so i uninstalled everything monitor sensors for now until the

same problem for me on a Prime x-370 pro board.
It relates to the sensors on the board. Using 2 or more monitoring programs simultaniously will crash the system randomly.
With me, it crashed wenn using Afterburner together with practically everything else (HWmonitor/info, CpuZ, AIDA, you name it...)
it's a known problem on all new generation ASUS boards and they can't seem to fix it...

Do you guys have the 2 conectors power one the top left board conected?

No problems here with my "old" Corsair 620wts and 2700X...

New bios released that should help with the issues, try it and see if it fixes anything. Available on the boards download page.

Version 0702
2018/06/228.11 MBytes
Update Agesa Code to
Update compatibility protocol for 3rd party hardware monitoring software.
Fixed miscellaneous issues with fan calibration/options.

Improve memory compatibility.