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Crosshair VI wont let Update Bios past 6201

Level 7
Hi guys hope you can help me
Im trying to Update my Bios
I started from Bios Version 1701 dated from 2017/10/03 Kinda old

Anyway It wouldn't let Me updated to the Latest Bios and someone on Reddit said to do it one by one etc

So Iv been updating my Bios and I got to BIOS Version 6201 dated 2018/06/22
working fine to this point etc

Now when I try To Update a newer Bios After this My Pc Doesn't Boot... BLACK SCREEN, not even bios screen
so I have to Flash Back to the Previous Bios for it to work.

I want to Update bios because Iv just Purchased the Ryzen 9 3900x and I'm Currently have running Ryzen 7 1800x

also, Way Iv tried to Update bios have been using
Ai Suite 3 also restarted Pc to go into Bios and Update from there
and finally using Bios button at back with USB etc
and yes I have been naming the file correctly C6H.CAP formatting the USB drive Fat32

I want to know why is it not letting me update to current Version
Iv been stuck on this for 3 days now and I don't know what day it is lol

anyway guys hope you're well, any help what be amazing


Level 8

ROGod wrote:
If you run GPU-Z is the UEFI box ticked?

Yes I just Checked now It is Ticked


Level 8

Technically it should work but I'm not 100% convinced to be honest.

The VBIOS is 5 years old.

There is an slightly newer VBIOS available: - dated 2016-07-11.

So you could use the NVFLASH tool to update your Titan X.
But just be aware there is a risk you could break your Titan X if flashing fails.

I have also read there is some issue with the small size of the VBIOS chip on the Titan X.
In that it cannot fit the full fat version of UEFI code onto it.


Anyway the graphics card to one side... I would go back to troubleshooting basics.

  • Remove EVERYTHING apart from the 24pin power cable.
    So no GPU, CPU, Memory, M.2 drive and disconnect all SATA cables.
    Just remember to plug the 4 or 8pin CPU power cable back in afterwards when you fit the CPU back.

  • Then update the motherboard's BIOS via USB flashback to 7704.

  • Then fit just the 3900X, CPU Cooler, one single memory stick to the A2 DIMM slot (second slot in), and the Titan X.

  • Then power up and see if anything is being displayed. (try all the video outputs you can, DP, HDMI, DVI).

*If you are still getting no display at this point then I would be trying a newer graphics card.