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Crosshair VI Hero (Wifi) -> Machine freezes, BIOS enters failsafe mode

Level 7
You should be able to see the specs for my's in my profile. Anyway, up until now, I've been blaming the AMD Vega Frontier Edition video card for the lockups & freezes (seems to appear under gaming loads); however, the peculiarity of surrounding said freeze, whereby I reboot, and the machine instantly tries to, I guess, retrain the RAM (when I've already dialed in the settings, manually) is bothersome. It reboots several times, trying different RAM configurations...until it boots (at the lowest), then I enter the BIOS, save & quit with the proper settings, and it reboots fine. Also works fine from a cold start, provided it hasn't frozen immediately beforehand.

The machine otherwise will run rock solid for days on end.

And I can't use the latest C6H BIOS, because I have the WiFi edition, and I haven't even seen a beta for that.

Your thoughts?