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Crosshair VI Hero Wifi And Ryzen 2700X.. HELP

Level 7

I have a doubt. I just received my X370 Asus Rog Crosshair Vi Hero Wifi motherboard. I was almost going to get the ryzen 1700X cpu, but waited until the Ryzen 2700X comes out. However, I was told that you will need to update the bios in my motherboard, if I am indeed going for the 2700X, which i understand.

But my question is, will I be able to update my motherboard bios with 2700X cpu on it? Or will i need to use the previous gen ryzen cpu to update the bios and then use the 2700X? I dont have another spare ryzen cpu in hand, but I really want to get the ryzen 2700X. Is there any other alternative? I really dont want to buy another ryzen cpu just for the sake of updating my motherboard to use the 2700X. Will it brick my motherboard?

Its going to be my first build and i really dont want to mess up as shipping to my country is a pain.



Level 7
Just use flashback feature.

Level 7
Yep you can update bios without cpu, memory via usb bios flashback because you don't need to start the motherboard just get power to it and wait for the flashback light to stop blinking. But make sure you read the manual first before trying anything.