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Crosshair VI Hero: UEFI build update thread

Level 13
Directly from Elmor:

Beta BIOS 3008 for C6H/C6HWIFI/C6E:

AGESA, temperature offset fixed after S3 resume, GPU Post function fixed, 0d with some GPUs fixed

C6H Test BIOS 0020 with AGESA 1007 (405200c4e299c1eed9a0044edec9aba51f37cee1d70caabe40b9485b0604521a)

In order to get back to an older version after flashing, you have to use USB BIOS Flashback.

Let me know how it works for you, especially regarding cold boot issues. Any confirmed bugs in the bug report form please

Beta BIOS 1501

* Workaround for some CPUs stuck at 22x ratio if using override voltage
* Fixes PCIEX4 bandwidth setting getting lost after power is removed
* Same DRAM boot behavior as 1403 (no cold boot fix)
* Same DRAM profiles as in 9920
* Still has the Vcore value issue when booting with Offset Mode and switching to Manual Mode

Crosshair VI Hero 1501 SHA256 EDE223DC6897B7199C93D9985E28B7A2CD1B8A8DB2DCBF3D3555A521DB4F045D
Crosshair VI Hero Wifi AC 1501 SHA256 0D9F51F43AA3A56A4AC984B11A52F58451B76F8A7CCB9A04E1C3194231C9D4DA

UEFI build 9920 for the C6H:

* Improved DRAM cold boot, results in slightly longer POST time
* Fix for CPU Ratio stuck at 22x on some CPUs when using Vcore override/offset
* SenseMi Skew is now Disabled by default. If you want to return to previous behavior set SenseMi Skew = Enabled and Offset = 272.
* Added DRAM profiles for Samsung B-based DIMMs with tuned subtimings, including The Stilt's settings

C6H beta UEFI 1403

* Fixed W_PUMP and AIO_PUMP speeds during POST
* Fixed Fan tuning sometimes failing
* Fixed a few issues with AMD USB3.1 ports
* Some tuning on DRAM settings, let us know how they work for you. tRDRD_Sc is still at 5 above 3500 MHz as it helps with stability. For performance you want to force this to 1. We'll consider changing this in future releases as the performance impact can be quite noticeable in certain applications.

An update on DRAM Boot Voltage, currently it should be 1.35V by default if the DRAM Voltage is changed. So if you're setting DRAM Voltage to above 1.35V, you might want to sync this setting. Additionally there might be scenarios where you will have better luck by syncing DRAM Boot Voltage to DRAM Voltage even at lower values.

AGESA 1006 RC4 official UEFI 1401

Just tested quickly 3600 memory and cold booting, seems good but you guys are going to have to help me test this before we have a judgement. Seems CPU temp reading from SIO now has -20*C offset for XFR enabled CPUs.

UEFI build 1107

Older test builds:

Test BIOS 0079

Test BIOS with new AGESA 1004a, with a couple of bugfixes. Up to 5% performance increases in specific applications. Also has P-state overclocking working with BCLK increase. If you want to keep C-states, make sure to set Advanced\AMD CBS\Zen Common Options\Global C-state Control = Enabled. There are two new settings under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DDR4 Common Options\ you might want to take a look at, Fail_CNT and ProcODT. Fail_CNT decides how many times to retry when DRAM training fails (F9 -> 0d), default is now 1. ProcODT can help improve your DRAM overclocking. There's a setting available also on previous BIOSes under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DRAM Memory Mapping named BankGroupSwap. If you have 2x Single-Rank modules you can try setting this to Disabled and you might see some performance boost in certain applications.

Test BIOS 0081

Same as 0079 but has ProcODT default = 53.3 ohm

Test BIOS 0082

Same as 0081 but with a DRAM compability patch for the below part numbers



Test BIOS 0083

Same as 0081 but with "2T" DRAM Mode when using above 2666 DRAM Ratio.
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dlbsyst wrote:
Better late than never I say.;) It looks like this new bios might be a winner. I'm reading a lot of positive comments so far in the Overclock forum. I might just have to give this one a go myself.

Well, I just installed the 6201 bios and so far I am liking it. No problems that I can tell and my PC seems even more snappy.;) My previous bios was 3101.

BlackBishop wrote:
For those who not follow C6H OCN thread

Beta BIOS 6201

- Fixes fan calibration wrongly detecting 90+% min duty
- Fixes APM settings (restore power on AC loss)
- Adds an ACPI-WMI interface for sensor readings. It's the first release and may still have bugs. For example there's an issue where some temperatures and VRM current will read 0 at the moment. Latest HWInfo64 Beta will pick this up, not sure about others. This is the SIO sensor fix you've been waiting for. It will only be working fully when all software are using it.

Links to download here

Thanks for the update link. So far so good.

Level 8
This BIOS will not run my ram at all at rated speed (out of "minimal" settings), does not post. earlier versions were able to, even though they weren't stable for gaming.

Everything else is yet to be tested, but actually, there's nothing new in this version for me. wouldn't know how to use sensors except for having to run windows directly - lm_sensors seem to be unchanged ( this one is only reporting cpu temp and somewhat from other PCI links (GPU)).

I'm still worried with an issue where the whole system locks up, HDD activity stopped, not detecting new usb devices... that only happens if I leave the system for a while without having at least a small load on the system.. if I do so, it locks up pretty sure/soon.

The CPU is at -0.0625V (stock clock) and i went ahead setting SOC to -0.1V as it would even boot at 0.8V and goes up to 1.13V just by setting DRAM speed... I have no idea how SOC voltage is chosen by the board itself. I'd like to see no more volts there, than needed. but maybe there's a relation to the system locking up (I'd also guess this for CPU voltage, but i think it's not yet that low to raise problems)?

going to test with my VM and Overwatch soon 🙂
Having an ASUS board?
Increasing the Capabilities in your Digi+ VRM can prevent your hardware from being shut off (relaxes over-current condition).
Do it if you DID NOT set bad settings but didn't get it stable. (i.e. your hardware is for overclocking, high destiny, whatever).

hi guys, i recently got myself a pair of trident z rgb 3600mhz cl16 ram. I downloaded the latest version of asus aura sync from crosshair vi hero downloads page - 1.06.17 and it seems like despite this problem being a year old by now and have been supposedly fixed, it has somehow corrupted the spd data. I only have asus aura sync installed in my computer for lighting. My computer boots fine and works as per normal but checking in thaiphoon burner shows that the spd is corrupted. lucky for me mine isnt corrupted to the point i can't boot at all. Other than thaiphoon burner, are there any alternatives to writing spd information on the ram sticks? Or should i just leave the sticks as they are since they are still working fine? I manually put in the timings for my ram. I have to say I'm pretty disappointed about this entire situation. rip my rgb lighting theme. using bios 6101.

Level 8
You shut down aura and all other stuff that uses SMBUS during using typhoon, right?

BlackBishop wrote:
You shut down aura and all other stuff that uses SMBUS during using typhoon, right?

yup. I made sure to only have thaiphoon running.

Level 7
6201 looks downgrade to me? I used to run 3400c14 fast timing from calculator. Have to change LLC2 to LLC3 from VDDSOC, memory based on CB15 setting to bypass intel burn test AVX very high with none it freeze before first one could be calculated.

Edit: Atleast the score is something have to turn HWinfo otherwise average 1963/1962 rating.

Had to share when I hit what I thought was a pipe dream:

Bios 6201 for C6H works great. Spent all day Saturday circling the drain on this one. Was so close so many times. First attempt errored out at 4H59M. Ended the testing at just over 7 hours so will say it is stablish at this point. Need to set aside a whole day run before will say with confidence that the settings are 99.99% stable. That way the second run will also confirm that this was not a fluke.

This go around made me revisit the whole oc process. Went back to old school ways and made sure cpu was Prime95 version 28 build 10 stable (24Hr + run). Had to lower the all core oc to 3.9 in order for the cpu to be Prime95 stable with ram functioning at 3466. Then dialed in the ram timings. Ram confused the living daylights out of me. When Ram Test would error out, the answer always ended up to be tightening the timings instead of loosening them. All timings were dialed in using 1.4000v. Tightening the timings to make the voltage work is what led to the 2-2-1-2-2 timing from 4-4-1-3-3. Once I lowered Trdrd_SCL and Twrwr_SCL to 2, ProcODT required to be lowered to 48Ohms and Tcke lowered to 4 for everything to work. Tightening the tertiary timings allowed the voltage increase was looking for to stabilize it all; 1.4100 from 1.4000. Staying here as do not think can tighten anything else further with success.

Voltage setting on the cpu is +.03750 offset and SOC is -.01875 offset.

Level 7
^ Why angry? There has been updates. The most current bios is 6201. There is a link posted a page or two back. If you do not trust beta bios versions 6101 is the most current, which is posted on the ASUS support page for this board. Just because you are not aware of any updates does not mean they do not exist.

Level 8
And we have to say 6201 is probably one of the best released.