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Crosshair VI Hero: UEFI build update thread

Level 13
Directly from Elmor:

Beta BIOS 3008 for C6H/C6HWIFI/C6E:

AGESA, temperature offset fixed after S3 resume, GPU Post function fixed, 0d with some GPUs fixed

C6H Test BIOS 0020 with AGESA 1007 (405200c4e299c1eed9a0044edec9aba51f37cee1d70caabe40b9485b0604521a)

In order to get back to an older version after flashing, you have to use USB BIOS Flashback.

Let me know how it works for you, especially regarding cold boot issues. Any confirmed bugs in the bug report form please

Beta BIOS 1501

* Workaround for some CPUs stuck at 22x ratio if using override voltage
* Fixes PCIEX4 bandwidth setting getting lost after power is removed
* Same DRAM boot behavior as 1403 (no cold boot fix)
* Same DRAM profiles as in 9920
* Still has the Vcore value issue when booting with Offset Mode and switching to Manual Mode

Crosshair VI Hero 1501 SHA256 EDE223DC6897B7199C93D9985E28B7A2CD1B8A8DB2DCBF3D3555A521DB4F045D
Crosshair VI Hero Wifi AC 1501 SHA256 0D9F51F43AA3A56A4AC984B11A52F58451B76F8A7CCB9A04E1C3194231C9D4DA

UEFI build 9920 for the C6H:

* Improved DRAM cold boot, results in slightly longer POST time
* Fix for CPU Ratio stuck at 22x on some CPUs when using Vcore override/offset
* SenseMi Skew is now Disabled by default. If you want to return to previous behavior set SenseMi Skew = Enabled and Offset = 272.
* Added DRAM profiles for Samsung B-based DIMMs with tuned subtimings, including The Stilt's settings

C6H beta UEFI 1403

* Fixed W_PUMP and AIO_PUMP speeds during POST
* Fixed Fan tuning sometimes failing
* Fixed a few issues with AMD USB3.1 ports
* Some tuning on DRAM settings, let us know how they work for you. tRDRD_Sc is still at 5 above 3500 MHz as it helps with stability. For performance you want to force this to 1. We'll consider changing this in future releases as the performance impact can be quite noticeable in certain applications.

An update on DRAM Boot Voltage, currently it should be 1.35V by default if the DRAM Voltage is changed. So if you're setting DRAM Voltage to above 1.35V, you might want to sync this setting. Additionally there might be scenarios where you will have better luck by syncing DRAM Boot Voltage to DRAM Voltage even at lower values.

AGESA 1006 RC4 official UEFI 1401

Just tested quickly 3600 memory and cold booting, seems good but you guys are going to have to help me test this before we have a judgement. Seems CPU temp reading from SIO now has -20*C offset for XFR enabled CPUs.

UEFI build 1107

Older test builds:

Test BIOS 0079

Test BIOS with new AGESA 1004a, with a couple of bugfixes. Up to 5% performance increases in specific applications. Also has P-state overclocking working with BCLK increase. If you want to keep C-states, make sure to set Advanced\AMD CBS\Zen Common Options\Global C-state Control = Enabled. There are two new settings under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DDR4 Common Options\ you might want to take a look at, Fail_CNT and ProcODT. Fail_CNT decides how many times to retry when DRAM training fails (F9 -> 0d), default is now 1. ProcODT can help improve your DRAM overclocking. There's a setting available also on previous BIOSes under AMD CBS\UMC Common Options\DRAM Memory Mapping named BankGroupSwap. If you have 2x Single-Rank modules you can try setting this to Disabled and you might see some performance boost in certain applications.

Test BIOS 0081

Same as 0079 but has ProcODT default = 53.3 ohm

Test BIOS 0082

Same as 0081 but with a DRAM compability patch for the below part numbers



Test BIOS 0083

Same as 0081 but with "2T" DRAM Mode when using above 2666 DRAM Ratio.
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Level 7
When Aaare you folks going to release the next BIOS.. The Audio Video sync problem is ridiculous on the Crosshair viii Hero (non-wifi). I have used Asus products for over 25 years now... This board is a complete blunder on your part and I am seriously disappointed.. It cost over 400USD when I got it and has been nothing but trouble. I simply can't afford to replace the board... and it is the LAST TIME I will ever have a crosshair or ever recommend the maximus either.. I am astonished that you all would even release this thing with so many flaws with the reputation you all have had for so many years for excellence.. Someone.. several many someones need to be fired and replaced and you folks owe all of us who bought this board with the cheapest, total lack of quality USB and audio ports where you merely BREATHE on the USBs and they disconnect ( I tried that BTW ).. and a sound chip that is barely worthy of a motherboard that sells for 25USD... That's right.. 25USD... I feel like the audio jacks could break at any moment. If I could afford it I would joust replace it entirely with a REAL sound card.. Furthermore... Forcing all of us to have a proprietary onboard sound chip is a mistake... It's not ready, and you all knew that...

I have been a LOYAL customer for decades... as have so many others... This is the type of thing which causes companies to lose their customers... quickly.

WE Might Be in the middle of a world wide plague, but that is no excuse to stop living, and working, and especially caring.. If anything.. It is the PERFECT Excuse TO Care, and try to make a difference in this time of global trial. I am flabbergasted.. simply stone cold blown away by it all.. Please do something about it before it comes crashing down around not only you all's ears, but ours as well... Your company has always been so good to me, and produced such fine hardware, and I want to stay... need to even.. So please pick yourselves up and find the new day.. We need you.

Lastly.. PLEASE fix the A/V sync issue... It's not as bad as when I got the board, and as of the last update is still happening after abou3 three hours of watching.. They start Lip-Syncing, and then any player will go so far out of phase that it will hang the player until it crashes with a Cah-chungk-ha-Cah-chungk-ha-Cah-chungk-ha-Cah-chungk-ha-Cah-chungk-ha-POOF GONE! The only thing which fixes it for a while is to restart the PC.. I have the most current November bui9ld of Windows 10 with all updates, drivers are completely updated at all times including the latest audio drivers... v6.0.9264.1 WHQL [09/11/2021].

Windows 10 OS Build: v19043.1348
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Cooler: Deepcool Captain 120EX RGB
Ram: G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin RGB DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory Model F4-3200C16D-32GTRS
Bios Revision: 3801
Primary HDD: Samsung SSD 980 PRO 250GB

Level 7
After Asrock offically gave a X370 Board a Zen 3 BIOS are we getting one for cH6 or ASUS still saying EOL and refusing it. Very shabby if ASUS dont release a last Zen 3 Update!

Conker1970 wrote:
After Asrock offically gave a X370 Board a Zen 3 BIOS are we getting one for cH6 or ASUS still saying EOL and refusing it. Very shabby if ASUS dont release a last Zen 3 Update!

Asus gonna lose customers: on severals forums you can find a lot of discomfort about the Asus position on X370 and Ryzen 3. Most of the user are considering other brands as Asrock or MSI whos offer better support and compatibility.

New bios for all Asrock including b450 k4 and pro 4

Nothing new for x370 b350 yet but maybe it's worth a try with crossflash to check if agesa lock is still in place.

Any news from ASUS?

[ASRock] X370 Beta BIOS Update (1/20/2022).
X370 Taichi BIOS-7.03 (Bridge : 7.00).
1. Update AGESA for support Renoir and Vermeer CPU.

Any news from ASUS?

Crossflashing bios from Asrock x370 pro 4 with agesa WORKS CORRECTLY WITH 5600X ON CROSSHAIR VI HERO. It does even have curve optimizer and complete cpu PBO overclock.
Fans stuck at 50%.
But ram voltage is limited to 1.2v, RGB cannot be turned off, and having some difficulties with modded realtek drivers with different pinout than the original one

ASUS, PLEASE, makes us a beta with 5000 support.
Thank you

Asus is not Asrock, in a bad way
ASUS RIP :mad:
next time buy Taichi instead of Crosshair Hero,
[Beta] 7.03 2022/1/20 10.49MB Support Renoir and Vermeer CPU
Taichi is always good enough for an update for a new CPU, CH-series is always sucks and only deserve EOL, that's what Asus thinks about their own product
Hey Asus, forget about AM5 boards - NOBODY WILL BUY THEM

X370 Taichi - BIOS P7.00/P7.04*
1. Fix XMP profile
2. Update AMD AGESA ComboAM4v2 Patch C

Asrock is even trying to fix every beta problem.

ASUS PLEASE, build a beta bios for us!

Conker1970 wrote:
After Asrock offically gave a X370 Board a Zen 3 BIOS are we getting one for cH6 or ASUS still saying EOL and refusing it. Very shabby if ASUS dont release a last Zen 3 Update!

CH6 is still a great mobo. Competition like Asrock is even providing a official BIOS-es, so why can't Asus, as a bigger company, with more history, experiance and resources do it??? Please show us you can!

Sigtran wrote:
CH6 is still a great mobo. Competition like Asrock is even providing a official BIOS-es, so why can't Asus, as a bigger company, with more history, experiance and resources do it??? Please show us you can!

Oh they can. They just dgaf. This happens with many of their products. My old Xonar D2X and my Claymore (+ numpad) is a great example of lack of support. Now, with the BIOS.

That's why i'm done with Asus, there's no freaking way i'll ever buy any product from them.