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Crosshair VI Hero bug reports

Level 10
Hi guys, you can help improving the C6H by reporting your bugs using this form Please only report verified and replicable bugs. If in doubt, you can ask here.
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Alessio1989 wrote:
BIOS 7803 produces a q-code 3b if CSM is disabled.

I having this postcode freeze issue myself, though I wasnt aware it was the CSM setting. I'm currently fine after having reflashed back to previous BIOS.

Level 7
latest BIOS 7901 often causes hangs when entering or resuming from S3 sleep, regardless of Global C-States Control setting.
BIOS 7601 was working correctly in this aspect. OS is Win 10 1909

Level 7
ASUS Aura still has the issue with this board that RGB header calibration is not saved. One of my strips has the colors switched. By correcting this in Aura, the settings will not stick.