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Crosshair VI Extreme only outputing Digital

Level 8
OK, so i was using a X370 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 mobo until today as it decided the memory slots no longer existed. So i went out and where i live the only "decent" priced mobo that was available for immediate pickup was a Crosshair VI Extreme, after an unintended 5hr pulling everything out of the old system and swapping over to the new mobo windows and almost everything worked first boot.

One thing remains a noodle scratcher, the sound, doesn't matter which i put the jacks in i get no recognition that anything is plugged in, windows and the realtek software are only showing Digital Output and ofcourse that means no sound. Drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled twice.
doing the windows troubleshooter comes up with speakers are not installed which they are.

The only other thing i haven't done is a fresh install windows 10 x64 Pro but that's not an option atm, in the future yes. Any ideas? all drivers from the website were used not those on the included CD, BIOS updated. Audio is turned on in the bios.

PS i'm not a noob to the ROG boards, i've owned Maximus and a Crosshair before on the intel side something i'm missing this time tho lol

Level 8
Definately dodgy board, booted up a LiveLinux and exactly the same thing. Which sucks, don't fancy waiting 2 weeks for a replacement gonna try a dedicated sound card as much as i hate them and that'll no doubt have it's own windows 10 issues. Thanx for your patience 🙂

Level 8
SO i bit the bullet and got a Soundblaster Z SBZ card on special which is good and sounds awesome (full sound back again). Coulda taken the board back but woulda had to wait 2 weeks for a replacement as i said thats not an option, Anyway thanx for your try 🙂

Level 40
Mate I am sorry to hear that. But pleased you are sorted.

All good buddy, drop by and say hello every now and then.

Cheers and enjoy your system.
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