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Crosshair V Formula Z NIC Speed

Level 7
I had a HDD fry out on me and decided the time was right to finally upgrade from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro.. everything seems to be fine, except my network speed.

The official Intel driver installation program doesn't recognize the built in NIC and the Asus files don't seem to include NIC drivers..

My system connects to my router fine, but it's limited to 10MB/s instead of the full gigabit. I can't find a setting or anything that will speed it up. It's directly connected with a cat6 cable. and I've tried switching cables with my other tower and the speeds stay the same so I know the cables/ports are good.

Is there something stupid and simple I'm missing?

The speed and duplex is set to auto negotiation, if I manually select the gigabit speed, it doesn't want to connect. I'd like to at least bump it up to 100MB/s

edit: router is a Netgear C7800, slow MB is the Crosshair V Formula Z, full speed MB is Crosshair VIII Hero w/wifi (both are connected with cat6 cables..)

Level 7
bumping since it was moved to a different forum..

also, I re-googled the led colors for my modem.. it's amber, which means I'm connected at 100mb/s not 10mb/s..

while that's not terrible, I am using this old system as a Plex media server so I'd like to use the gigabit connection that the MB is supposed to be capable of..

Level 7
I see a lot of threads with the Intel NIC not working at all, but no one else has had theirs not run at the proper speeds?

Level 7
I just built a Crosshair Viii Hero using windows 10 pro and my speeds are killing me! I cant get the intel or Realtek 2.5 port to get speeds above 100 Mbps. I have the Crosshair V Z also from an old build Ive tested on the same cable and its hitting 500 Mbps no problem and also running 10 Pro.

My system is showing its the Intel 82583V chip. Im running the stock driver dated 06/12/2018. Says the file name is e1i65x64.sys

I think its a windows problem. My wife got a brand new HP for her job and the NIC in it wouldn't get above 15 Mbps. I threw in a cheap Gig card and it was fine.

I'll try to keep you posted if anything changes. Please do the same!

Good luck!