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Crossair VII + 5700XT....can`t get 16X....only 8X PCIE

Level 8

Long time i don`t post here. 🙂

Yesterday i bought a used MSI 5700XT Mech. Apart temperatures and noise, it seems to work.
My system: Asus Crossair Hero VII + CPU AMD 2700X + Flare X 2x8G + Seasonic 650Wts Platinium.
Board is conected with 4+3 conecters power PCIE
Bios Board 1201


When i bought it, i did choose Adrenalin Enterprise to install, last version. Everything looks fine except.....8X instead 16X.
Removed this version, and did install last normal Adrenalin. Then i did get 16X. Play a little Last of US....cant remember when, and again, i look again it was at......8X PCIE :(((
Remove drivers, and here comes the strange...did get again 16X. After a few reboots....lost it again, and back to Gen 3 8X.
No crashes....except a strange D3 error on board......

What i try:
Insert GEN3 on Bios
Older drivers. Only drivers. Clean drivers with AMD utility. Update Bios from 1001 to current 1201 (didn't get further because im afraid 2700X can`t be recognised)...
Change HDMI cable, to a new one 2.1.
This is getting me crazy......and probably im gonna ask the seller to take it back.

My previous AMD R9 270X was flawless and last me +- 10 years....

IS there anyone with same problem? Read on net lot of people with same!


Level 8

I forget to tell something importante: i have NVME slot used, at botton of the board, or under graphic, farther from suposly it should work 4X, and graphic at 16X.
Thank you!

Level 8

I think i found the solution, that i read somewhere here on the forum:

Bios - Advanced- OnboardingDevice Configuration- M.2_2 PCie Bandwitch Configuration

Choose Disable (X8 Model)
This forces to give you X16 for your GFX and X4 for you M.2_1.

Hope it helps somebody with the same Board and Graphic. 🙂

Level 7

by chance have you checked to see if you have any  ssd or m.2 or nvme that is sharing the same same lane as the gpu.   

also specifically relating to 5700 xt cards actually any of the navi cards, sometimes they dont clean the registry when you uninstall them so it may have multiple profiles

so grab this from igors website


and DDU uninstaller and do a full clean uninstall make sure you click to have it remove the amdx.... file so youll need to grab the latest chipset driver from amd as well. 

run DDU in safemode reboot then run the vga list to make sure that you only have one profile active.  it tends to happen a lot on the 5700xt and the the rx 570/580 cards if you pull it out of the pcie slot then plug it back in and dont clear the cmos each time. the gpu's onboard memory will throw a few codes and automatically set it to the gen3 settings as a safety feature.   

Like i sad before, i have NVME disk, and the slot i used, or under graphic, farther from supposedly it should work 4X, and graphic at 16X. The nearest CPU, if used, it will use graphic LAN...

My previous R9 270X, never had a registry or profile. During installation of this 5700XT i did erase everything from AMD, with their tools and personally on the folders. far so good, everything is working flawless except the dam temperatures lol and my manual OC on the board, since i can`t OC this Board.