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Crashy UEFI BIOS(es) on Crosshair VII

Level 7
It's maddening.

Sometimes upon entering BIOS it is laggy. The mouse/keyboard take a while to move or change selections. And then it keeps getting laggier and slower until it totally freezes! The clock doesn't update the time for more than 15 minutes, nothing works, and I have to reboot. Upon rebooting it might be laggy again... or just fine. Or totally get stuck and fail to boot.

This has happened at least half a dozen times in the past few days. There have been no problems after actually booting into an OS. But actually booting past POST/BIOS is very hit or miss.

I don't know what's causing this. I've reset BIOS to defaults. Flashed BIOS. Twice. Used the CMOS clear button. The issue happened with XMP as well as JEDEC memory settings. It happened after resetting everything to defaults.

And then randomly everything is back to normal and it boots just fine...

I've tested the RAM and it passed the full 4 rounds of Memtest86 tests. It failed mprime at XMP settings but I didn't try mprime with JEDEC settings.

Any clues? I need my computer to work consistently. Am I missing something? Or is this what is to be expected from the top Asus motherboard? I am still within the return period and X470 Taichi launches tomorrow...

Honestly I'm really shocked and frustrated. It's hard enough tuning memory/CPU without the BIOS/POST crapping out when nothing's going on.

Has anyone else experience similar symptoms?

C7H Wifi

Level 7
My guess is that it's a firmware issue, since the system is stable once it boots to the OS. But it would be good to know. RMAing won't help if it's not a hardware problem.

One other thing to try: reflash the BIOS and re-enter settings. I think sometimes, especially when tweaking, BIOS gets messed up. Also, I suspect that clearing CMOS doesn't always clear everything, and read someone say the same thing on another site.