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Cpu over temperature error

Level 7
I just finished my 5950x build with a ASUS Dark Hero motherboard, H115i Elite capellix AIO and Thermal Grizzly paste. I am not overclocking anything in bios (load optimized defaults). My Windows idle temperature are 39-45C and they are the same in bios as well. I have ran Prime95 Small FFts torture test for around 6 straight , and my temperature didn't exceed 60C.

Whenever I restart my computer from within Windows 10 I always get CPU Over temperature error. I immediately go into bios and look at the temperature, and it is always 49-55C. I have also noticed that within bios my vCore is always around 1.4-1.44v. When running Prime95 torture test it doesn't exceed 1.07v. If I reduce my vCore in bios to 1.31v, I never get this CPU over temperature error. When I am using Windows everything is rock stable. I don't get any errors when I start my computer from a complete poweroff state, no errors when I wake from hibernation, and no errors if I cold reboot (by pressing the reset button on the case) from within Windows. I only get this error when I select Start->Shutdown->reset/restart. I initially thought it was a Windows installation issue, but it was still there after reinstalling.

With PBO during stress testing with Prime95 my CPU temps reach 74C. Screenshot of Ryzen Master during stress testing Screenshot

Level 7
I just switched my AIO cooler, but the problem is still present. I did 5 hours of Prime95 memory test, and the temperature stayed below 70C. Is this a bios bug or a CPU issue?

Try download HWinfo and check all temp sensors. Ryzen CPUs are known for having higher Vcore than we are use to from Intel CPUs. and from what you are saying you have good temperature under load so it will not be bad mount of cooler. and i kinda doubt that if you restart you have big spike for second and get high temperature. It could be bad sensor on mobo. If you set manual voltage you never get this error ?

Thanks for the response. A couple of questions

If its a bad sensor shouldn't I be getting bad temperature readings as well also why does it give this error only If I restart from Within Windows. Why don't I get any error when I power ON my PC from off state. And Yes, I dont get any errors if I set the voltage a liitle lower manually in bios

Temps from HWInfo while running Prime95 torture test

There are multiple Temp sensors not just for CPU. So you could really be unlucky and have some massive temp spike during reboot or is it weird temp sensor inside CPU or motherboard or bug bios (did you try diffrent bios version?) You could buy new mobo or CPU test it and return it. Or just set manual voltage and call it a day. I really dont know i never had such a issue

When I bought the board it had bios Version 3003. I have since tried Version 3102, and 3202. All three have this issue. I am now on the latest version 3202, and cannot set voltages manually without crashing. If I set it manually and run Prime95, the screen goes blank and I get code 00 on the motherboard. The same voltage worked on Version 3102 without any issues. I am trying to downgrade, but EZ-Flash won't read the old bios file. I think I may have to use flashback to downgrade

Hi everyone, I have the exact same problem and I try to be helped by the Asus support but...guys...this support is really really bad...

My motherboard is hero wifi VIII hero (wifi) with a 5950x and I reach Peak AT 85-90 when playing very strong game in VR with the HP G2.

When I reboot my computer after this I have a CPU over temperature error and if I stop the computer I have to clear CMOS or nothing happens when the power on Button is pushed.

Did you find a way ? Did somebody have a clue. I will try to change my dark pro TF to an AIO watercooling but I don't think it's that.