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Corsair AIO coolers on X570 boards

Level 7

Myself and others have had issues getting Corsair AIO coolers to work with X470 CH7 (not detected since BIOS V1002). I wanted to know if Asus had any comments on if this issue would also happen on the X570 CH8 MB, or if I should just buy the equivalent MSI board.

Level 7
Are you really expecting Asus to answer you or make a comment about this for their future X570 boards?
If you're expecting an answer you're wasting time, especially on a user-to-user forum.
You could try opening a support ticket and asking there. But even so, don't expect any answer as clear as your question.
It's not an issue acknnoledged by Asus. Myself for example, I have a Corsair H115i PRO RGB operating on the CH7 without issues.
So the only thing you can do is wait and see if people with the X570 boards are still experiencing the issues you deal with, or buy it and risk, or get the MSI straight away.

Try using offset to bump up the SoC voltage. That seemed to correct the problem for me.