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Compatible Replacement WiFi Antennas?

Level 8

I have a ASUS ROG X570-E Gaming Wifi motherboard. It came with a WiFi antenna (1 x ASUS Wi-Fi moving antennas") that has a thin wire that goes from the back I/O to an antenna. Presumably so you can place the antenna somewhere to get a good signal.

My problem is that my cat has chewed through the wires for 3 different antennas  now and attempts to get him to stop haven't worked. I keep ordering replacements. Is there a compatible antenna that doesn't have wires and screws directly into the rear I/O port for the antenna that I can use instead? I've seen them before for other motherboards but I'm not sure on if it would be compatible with my own.


Level 14

The connectors should be RP-SMA, I believe.  Here's a photo from Wikipedia which should let you confirm that (SMA on the left, RP-SMA on the right, the difference is which side has the centre pin):


If you search Amazon for "rp-sma wifi antenna" you'll get loads of hits.  I don't have any particular recommendations for which are the good ones.  Make sure it's rated for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  dBi is the antenna gain, so higher numbers improve the performance (if the numbers are accurate).

Some of the ASUS routers have removable RP-SMA stick antennas which are probably pretty good.  You can find the antennas being sold separately on Amazon and eBay.

That solution worked. Found some RP-SMA antenna's and got them in today. The signal is strong and there are no wires for the cat to chew on. Thanks!