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Chipset Version testing? (2021/11/01) CH8/DH

Level 7
Has anyone tested or benchmarked the latest chipset drivers on CH8 or DH on Windows 10?

Things are running smooth and stable for many of us, i'm not sure if this update is worth the trouble or potential instability.

I'm still on Version, which is 2 versions behind, and almost a year old. Is there good reason for any of us to update to either of the last two chipset drivers? The release notes don't sound like anything critical was changed.

3950x/CH8 Wifi/BIOS 3601/Win10

Level 12
What about the version MoKiChU posted (v3.11.17.521 WHQL)? He posted this on November 23, 2021. I just checked AMD's site for X570 chipset drivers and they still have v3.10.08.506 listed. I don't know where MoKiChU got v3.11.17.521 WHQL, or what the difference is. I ran the installer but did not see any version number changes in the individual driver files. I asked what the difference is but never got a response.